My name is Derrick Kaliney and I’m happy you stopped in! I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself.

I’m academically a computer programmer, but there’s so much more I’m passionate about. I’m happy with the journey I’ve taken in my life that’s helped me grow so many different of the skills and interests that I would have otherwise not known about. I always had a love for animals since the moment I understood what having hobbies and loving meant. No matter what path my life has taken, I’ve never lost sight of that love. I especially love the various creatures that dwell under the water. I thoroughly enjoy finding out everything I can about them. I have setup many fish tanks for a variety of customers and have helped them maintain those fish tanks by cleaning them on occasion. Those tasks never feel like chores, because I find them very enjoyable.

My sideline passions don’t end there. I have a nursing background. It was a route I took before I realized that computer programming was where I wanted to be. I, also, get excited over agriculture and the possibility of owning land and being self sufficient through farming. I’m very much intrigued by the idea of Aquaponics. It’s an inventive process that combines two things I enjoy, aquatics and agriculture. Of course, you might be wondering how any of that lead to computer programming! Well, more and more, everything around us runs on computers and it’s hard to ignore that fact. I realized that if I truly wanted to succeed in any of my sideline passions, I would need to have a solid career foundation. I have been very blessed so far!

I have had the good fortune of working for the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI). There, I did contract work for LexisNexis using programming languages like Java, ASP.NET, C#, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I have enjoyed the challenge! I have an associates in Software Development and plan to continue my academic career so as to complete my bachelor’s degree.

When I’m not working or going to class, I can most certainly be found dabbling in my hobbies which I mentioned above. I also have two smart, beautiful, kind, loving daughters who I’d give every moment of my time to if given that chance. Our favorite summer activity together is visiting Kings Island amusement park! I love watching how adventurous they get the more we visit. They’re wonderfully fun to be around and they make me proud to be their father!

I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from my past and where it’s brought me, I’m focused on my present so that I don’t miss a thing, and I’m hopeful for my future because I’m doing the very best I can to steer it in the right direction!